2016 FL House District 50 Primary – George Collins

A comment from Bob White, Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida

George Collins


It’s time for me to vent a little about the Republican Party of Florida policy on incumbency protection. I consider RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia a friend. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida has endorsed him in his bid for Hernando County State Committeeman and in his bid for reelection to the Florida House. That’s not going to change, but we have a major disagreement with the Chairman over the way that the RPOF involves itself in Republican primaries and Chairman Blaise Ingoglia knows I won’t hesitate to call him out over it and hold him accountable.

George Collins

In the House District 50 race George Collins went up against Renee “Coach P” Plasencia and very nearly won a very tight race. In fact, there is no doubt that he would have won had it not been for the support that the RPOF gave to his opponent. “Coach P” was the incumbent house member from district 49 seeking election in district 50, where he doesn’t live, because he and the RPOF thought he would have a better chance of winning there.

Without even bothering to go through the endorsement process required in rule 8 of the RPOF bylaws the RPOF supported Plasencia with monetary and other substantial means of support. This practice of “incumbency protection” goes on in races throughout the state and it changes the outcome in many races where the people’s will would have been different had the playing field been truly level.

George Collins was the far better choice in House District 50! He ran a terrific grass roots campaign and should have won. He would have won had it not been for RPOF involvement in violation of it’s own rules governing the endorsement process. We should all be congratulating George Collins this morning and “Coach P” should be contemplating his retirement from the Florida House!

If the RPOF is going to be involved in primary races then at the very least it needs to respect it’s own rules, specifically rule 8, and make an official endorsement before a single penny is spent or any other means of support is provided to any candidate! Time to rethink this policy RPOF. You just continue to piss off the grass roots and reelect the undeserving. What a shame!

In Liberty!

Bob White


Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida

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